Do you need Cases, Covers or Holsters for mobile computers, data capture or industrial devices?
Then you need Systemslink, the UK’s leading supplier.

Stock Items or Bespoke Products

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we can provide not just the widest range of stock products for major names such as DATALOGIC, HONEYWELL, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG and ZEBRA, but also bespoke designs, manufactured to your specification.

No matter how complex the shape, or how challenging the working environment, by taking the time to understand how the equipment will be used, we will first create a prototype for testing and review, then the case, cover or holster that will offer precisely the usability or protection required.  Using leather, fabric or synthetic materials, we can also recreate corporate colours or introduce your logo to brand the device in a visually appealing way.

Quality Reputation

Working with companies and organisations in all sectors, our focus on workmanship and finish has earned us a reputation for the quality of our products. See for yourself, just use the Search facility to find the product that you want, then change images or zoom in to see it in more detail.

So when you need cases, covers or holsters for your existing inventory of hand-held or industrial devices, or to protect your investment in new ones please contact us.

Email sales@systemslink.co.uk or call on +44 (0) 1234 711 838 and find out more about the quality products, competitively priced, that we can supply.

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